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Want to develop the fundamental skills needed to capture awe-inspiring images? From day one, Blue Bronna’s new Digital Photography Camp will immerse campers in the art and craft of still photography. Students will research, compose, and capture digital photographic projects while expanding their repertoire of techniques.

We will make use of the best picture taking times – one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset. Our landscape will include the beautiful scenery around Blue Bronna’s Willow Creek site - creeks, trees, mountains, crawling walk and flying creatures, sky, and of course all the fabulous people.

There will also be sessions learning terminology, controlling issues on camera, critiquing photos, competition (hand out prizes) and other teaching sessions. We will also participate in some astrophotography – a big way of saying we will enjoy one night-time session after dark viewing the millions of stars that we can see in our remote setting.

Prior experience in photography is not needed to enroll in this camp. Participants can bring a camera or a cell phone.

Ages 13 - 17 are all welcome providing you can participate in some of the hiking.

God talks will centre around God’s wonderful creation.

Facilities include cabins, washhouse with showers, toilets and sinks, food cooked in our kitchen and a couple of tarped areas where we eat outside.

Start Time: 4:00pm

End Time: 2:00pm