2024 Blue Bronna Jr Staff Training


We will run 2 – four week Jr Staff training programs

Dates: June 30th to July 26th, 2024

*The July camp will have more of a horsemanship focus while the August camp will give more time to the other activities.

Numbers: 9 Participants and 3 Staff

Location: Two weeks will be spent between our Willow Creek Resident site and Coat Creek Wilderness Site. Part of one week will be on a backpack trip and three days in another week assisting a local church running a Day Camp.

Our resident site is located on Hwy 532 across from the Indian Graves Campground. The site is 30 minutes southwest of Calgary. The wilderness site is down the Forestry Trunk Road by Livingstone Campground. It is 30 minutes past our resident site.

You will head to either Nanton (August camp) or Cardston (July camp) as a team and help run the Day Camps together with those from the Nanton Church of Christ or the Cardston Community Church


$350 for the longer July camp and $300 for the shorter August camp includes all accommodation and activities.


Coat Creek

Canvas wall tents with mesh bunk beds and a wood stove. Cooking and eating area - both areas are tarped, and the eating area has benches. The cooking area has a trailer equipped with all the cooking supplies you will need. There are tables to prepare and serve on and an altar to cook your food. There are no washroom facilities except an outhouse

Willow Creek

You will stay in wall tents. This site has all the amenities that you could need including indoor plumbing at our washhouse, showers and covered eating and campfire areas.

Food Services

Coat Creek

Food is cooked over the fire by you and those in your group.

Willow Creek

Food is cooked in our fully equipped kitchen, but you will also cook meals over the fire by you and those in your group.

Arrivals and Departures

Arrival time is at 4:30pm on your first day

Departure time is by 2:00pm on your last day

Jr Staff Training Applications are not done on a first come first serve basis. Your application will be reviewed once we have all the info and then you will be informed of our decision. There are a number of factors we will be taking into consideration when deciding on whom to accept this year.