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Blue Bronna is all about creating an environment where dads and daughters spend time together and are encouraged in their relationship with each other and with God.

Something special happens when you spend time with your daughter at Blue Bronna.

You laugh. You play. You connect. You create memories only you can share.

Join us for this specially designed weekend for you and your girl where the deep love between parent and child can grow and the love of our Heavenly Father can shine.

During the weekend you will ride, do chores together, ride, participate in singing and teaching times, meals, walks, worship and growing and did we mention riding!! Please join us as you invest in the life of your daughter. Our day trips will take you either along the Livingstone Range or the Continental Divide.

Any combination of men and girls are welcome; it’s not just for fathers and daughters. Daughters bring your dad, grandfather, or an uncle and spend some quality time together!

Expect to participate in:

  • Riding Horses Everyday - of course!
  • Starting Campfires
  • Gathering and Purifying Water
  • Setting Up Tarps for Sleeping
  • Setting Up The “Kitchen”
  • Chop Wood
  • Camp Chores - washing dishes and cooking

All meals, snacks, and accommodations are included in the camp fee. The food sure tastes cooked in cast iron over an open fire.

Open to ages 14 to 88!

Start Time:

End Time: