Family Camps at Coat Creek

We will be renting out the camp to 1 family at a time or a group of families that know each other to come and enjoy some great time as a family/friends.


Down the Forestry Trunk Road by Livingstone Campground.


$125 per day maximum per family includes all accommodations and activities.

Otherwise: $50 per night per family.

Activities: Horses and Rock Climbing $20 per person per time, canoeing and kayaking, $7.50 per person per time. All other activities and equipment usage are free.


Horseback riding, real rock climbing and rappelling, canoeing and kayaking, hiking in the mountains. You are free to bring your own horses.

Arrangements are made with the Program Director at Willow Creek when you can take part in the activities.


Canvas wall tents with mesh bunk beds and a wood stove.

Cooking and eating area – both areas are tarped and the eating area has benches. The cooking area has a trailer equipped with all the cooking supplies you will need. There are tables to prepare and serve on and an altar to cook your food.

There are no washroom facilities except an outhouse.

Food Services

You will need to bring and cook your own food. Drinking Water will be provided by the camp.

Arrivals and Departures

Arrival time is at 4:00pm or later on your first day.

Departure time is by 2:00pm on your last day.

COVID Procedures

All campers are to fill out a medical form before they come that has questions related to COVID and if they do not meet all the requirements, they are asked to contact the camp to rebook at a future date.

We schedule one family per activity unless there enough wide-open space to have two families at that activity –canoeing and hiking.

No masks are required.

Typical Daily Schedule For Activities

10:15am Activities open
2:00pm Activities open
5pm Activities close

Horseback Riding – we would send a wrangler or two for whatever time you want to ride and for how long you want to ride.

There are no chapel services available at the Coat Creek site. We, as a Christian camp, encourage you to take time each day in family devotions. Material will be available in the trailer when you come to the site.

Dates Available

We are open for families to come 7 days a week. You are free to stay up to 4 nights during the summer or more if there are no more bookings around your time.

The dates below will change as we book up and we will update these dates on the website.

You will be contacted by the camp registrar if you are registered or if you need to pick other dates or shorten your stay.

  • July 31st - Aug 2nd, August 7th - 10th, 13th - 17th and 20th - 29th
  • The above dates are for those who have their own horses or have been involved at Blue Bronna as a staff and can do horses on your own. We might have a wrangler that can come up to assist the riding. Activities available at the is time do not include staff but include: canoeing and kayaking, hiking in the mountains, axe throwing, sports equipment and a host of activities that you can do as a family - Darts, Hike, Sports equipment - Lacrosse, soccer, football, baseball, Frisbee, etc, Crafts, Table games and more.
  • The dates below all activities including horses and climbing will be available.
  • June 9th to June 13th
  • June 16th to June 19th
  • June 19th to June 23rd
  • July 2nd to July 10th
  • July 15th to July 21st
  • July 24th to July 27th

Sundays and Mondays in July and August

Our staff have off from Sunday at 2:00pm to Tuesday at 7:00am.

Activities available during this time include: canoeing and kayaking, hiking in the mountains, axe throwing, sports equipment and a host of activities that you can do as a family - GaGa Ball pit, Darts, Hike Cougar Hill, Sports equipment - Lacrosse, soccer, football, baseball, Frisbee,etc, Crafts, Table games and more.

There is no horseback riding nor rock climbing and rappelling available at this time.