Blue Bronna Wilderness Camp exists to share Christ In A Wilderness Setting.

Your donation will help us to accomplish this as we support families as they seek to grow together as a family and with God. Blue Bronna is in a unique situation where we have no cell nor internet service and therefore families can focus on each other as they canoe, ride horses, sit around a campfire or go for a walk. We are so thankful for the continuous and generous support we receive from people such as yourself. This ministry could not continue to thrive without your support.

We were inspired to dig deeper into the Word.

And God’s creation is so beautiful and breathtaking.

Note from a parent

Blue Bronna is looking for monthly partners to help us meet our fixed costs. These costs consist of operational and salary costs. Our goal is to raise $10, 000 in monthly recurring donations. While this appears like a large number, every little bit helps. We ask you to prayerfully consider your vital partnership with us through a regular monthly donation.

Foal Raffle

We as a camp are embarking on a Foal Raffle to help us raise $50,000 that we need this year to purchase 10-12 horses.

If you have a horse that we could use for all or part of the summer, that would lessen the amount of horses we would need to buy and therefore less money to raise.

Info on the Foal

  • Value of the Foal- $5,000
  • Breed - American Quarter Horse
  • Age - Born in 2024. Yet to foal.
  • Gender - will find out when born

Only 400 tickets sold

Link to buy Tickets

Buy Tickets

The winner will be announced at the Sept. Ride-A-Thon in the hills of beautiful southern Alberta.

You do not have to be present the Ride a thon to win the Foal.


Through your Bank

You can also donate monthly through your bank. Print off this form to fill out and return to the camp. Funds will then be transferred into Blue Bronna’s account automatically each month.


You can also send an e-transfer to Please include your address and email so that we can send you a donation receipt or a thank you note.

Cheque via Mail

Mail a cheque to Box 65, Longview, AB T0L 1HO

One-time and Monthly

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Online Donations

Unlike other platforms, Simplyk does not charge transaction fees, so your entire donation goes directly to Blue Bronna Wilderness Camp. However, the platform does give you the option to add a voluntary contribution to help Simplyk keep running its services. If you don’t want to participate, choose Other in the drop-down menu and then enter $0.

Please fill in the form below. Remember to select whether you want to donate once or donate monthly.

Your Tax Receipt will be emailed to you in a matter of minutes once you make your donation. Be sure to check your inbox as well as your Junk Mail box for your receipt the first time that you donate.