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Challenge and adventure await you! A pack trip is a camping trip where you pack all your camping gear including food, clothes, cooking tools and sleeping gear into boxes that get saddled or packed onto a horse. Horses that are packed are led by you and other campers. For every two campers, there is one pack horse. Once all the horses are packed, campers ride into the wilderness for 5 nights. Our pack trips will take you either along the Livingstone Range or the Continental Divide.

Once you arrive at the scenic destination you will grow in your teamwork together as you help set up and keep camp running.

Expect to participate in:

  • Riding - Everyday!
  • Starting Campfires
  • Gathering and purifying water
  • Setting up the tarps for sleeping under
  • Setting up the “kitchen”
  • Chop Wood
  • Camp Chores- washing dishes and cooking

Each day (weather permitting) you will ride through the mountains and enjoy stunning views together. If you are eager you may also get a hike in! If the group is up for trying out another camp site you will pack everything up and do it all again! On top of all that you will sing and enjoy evening campfire sessions encountering God and His Word through the Bible. Did we mention how good food tastes cooked in cast iron over an open fire? Grow in your relationship with God, build new friendships and create memories of a lifetime, not to mention ride some incredible trails!

End times are approximate; delays on the return journey can cause campers to get back to camp later than 2pm

Start Time:

End Time: