We will run 2 – three week Jr Staff training programs – set up near our Coat Creek wilderness site.

  1. (July 4th to July 24th) and (August 1st to August 21st)
    1. Teens may need to self isolate one week before camp. This will be determined closer to the start date.
    2. Teens will stay the whole time at camp – this will make them a Cohort family and therefore will not have to do social distancing.
    3. Between camps – Breaks will be at the Willow Creek site and they will do laundry there.
  2. Two separate groups of 10 teens
  3. 3 Staff
  4. Training
    1. Activities
      1. Horses, climbing, rappelling, canoeing, backpacking, archery, wilderness skills
    2. Camper Issues
      1. Bullying, bed-wetting, homesickness, camper behaviour management
    3. Out-trips - Backpacking trips
      1. 2-3 one day trips
      2. One 2-4 day trip
    4. God Talks
    5. Fun Times
  5. Set-up close to our wilderness site
    1. Canvas wall tents with bunks and a wood stove
    2. Food cooked over the fire
    3. Eat outside under a tarp

We have space for 20 youth now instead of 12 so if you have friends who might be interested, please pass this information on to them and give them our website: bluebronna.org/upcoming-adventures/junior-staff-training.html

Because the Jr Staff Training is all training now and no help at camp and because our finances will be tight, we are asking you to pay $100 so that we can at least cover our food costs during your time here. This can be paid when you come in the summer.

Cost: $100