Here's what you will gain and give in our 1 week to 7 week Junior Staff Training

There will be intentional training so you will have more of an impact as Junior Staff, prepare to be Senior staff, and develop leadership abilities for avenues of ministry and involvement outside of camp.

Specific training will happen in the first week of camp but we will continue to a lesser degree in all 5 areas throughout the summer.

Training, mentoring, supervision and scheduling of the Jr staff will be done mostly by a Jr Staff leader.

Week 1

Specialized training either:

Week 2 or 3

Helping out camps in the age 8 to 10 or age 10 to 12 camp

Week 4

A 4 day stay at Coat Creek as a Junior Staff experiencing an all day horseback ride, an all day hike, wilderness skills, God times and just plain fun.

Weeks 5 to 8

You will be able to pick which programs at which sites you want to be a part of.

No one will be able to stay the whole summer because we will not need them all at all times.

Ages 15 and Up



Required Dates

Optional Dates(will work with the Junior Staff Leader based on their availability and our need)

If a youth can only make one or two weeks in the summer, please contact the office and we will see how we can make this happen.



If you need any information or have questions - please email

Recruitment Poster